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Welcome to FTS Entry Servant Leadership Training

We serve God by serving one another. The focus of FTS Servant Leadership Training is to prepare you for any level of leadership and any situation. The heart of Fellowship of the Sword’s Servant Leadership Training is to help you discover and put into practice what God has called you to do. If what you do is with FTS on FTS events, that’s great! But, if what you do is in your church or in your ministry, that’s great, too! Our vision is to provide you with the opportunity to be equipped for Biblical Servant Leadership based on how He created you! Come see what the Lord has for you!

Entry Servant Leadership Training is available in 6 introductory level courses:

  1. A Word from the Founder – Length: 26 min 46 secs
  2. Personality & Spiritual Gifts – Length: 1h 11 min 48 secs
  3. Interdenominational Ministry – Length: 44 min 44 secs
  4. FTS Ministry Part 1 – Length: 1 h 46 min 07 secs
  5. FTS Ministry Part 2 – Length: 15 min 33 secs
  6. Foundations of Servant Leadership – Length: 49 min 51 secs

* Our online courses are convenient, immediate, time effective, flexible, and can be done at your own pace. This is a self paced course. Total Video Time is 5 hrs 13 min 48 secs. Time estimated to complete questions is 5 hours. For a total of approximately 10 hours.


Attended a Quest or HeartQuest

Agree to FTS Training Honor Statement

  1. Training to be completed within 45 days upon receipt of initial training post email.
  2. Agree to watch all videos in their entirety.
  3. Agree not to copy or reproduce any material without express written permission from Fellowship of the Sword.
  4. Agree not to redistribute any materials or videos.

Once you are registered and we have processed all your information, an email iinvitation will be sent to you from Right Now Media.

The email will contain the following verbiage:

The next step: [REGISTER HERE]. There is a one-time fee of $35 for the training. This fee covers the cost of the materials and resources.  Registrations will be processed each Thursday. Any registrations received following this date will be addressed the following week.

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We are excited about the opportunity to equip you for Biblical Servant Leadership!