Fellowship of the Sword

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"What does it mean to be a friend of God?"


A few years ago the Holy Spirit posed this question to Duncan Brannan, creator of many things here at FTS like the Manhood teaching seen on Quest & Q1, the Quest devotionals and rhema-strike programming, Bushido, and much more. God drew Duncan’s heart into various biblical passages like John 15, the middle of The Last Supper, one of the most intimate points of Jesus’ life and ministry. As He continued to speak, Duncan began to write, soon realizing Father was entrusting him with another journey to train believers in a crucial spiritual paradigm. See, it’s one thing to know we’re God’s children but entirely another to live like His friend! Just because one is a son or daughter doesn’t mean he or she is walking as God’s friend. Think about it: A friend loves at all times, knows your secrets, lays down his life for you.... Have you ever pursued Jesus as friend? The Way gives you that chance and more!


It will also change the way you see and do spiritual warfare by helping you recognize areas of thinking in your life that are contrary to God’s heart, contrary to friendship with Him. You’ll identify key battlegrounds and address “enemy attitudes” within you aligning with your sin nature and Satan’s kingdom. Moreover, The Way will change every other area of your life by changing how you handle The Word of God. Duncan spent two years developing a breakthrough approach to Bible study called The S.E.A.R.C.H. Method, which shows you how to study the Scriptures like a pro in a doable, day-by-day, layer-upon-layer approach. You’ll learn how to: 


  • Survey the Passage
  • Examine the Translations
  • Analyze Original Languages
  • Research the Contexts
  • Consult the Commentaries
  • Hammer Out Application


By challenging how you approach, handle, and interpret God’s Word and view your relationship with Him, The Way’s 8-week training will bring radical transformation into every area of your life. 


You can customize your journey by selecting various study approaches to fit the needs of your personal walk. Our new three-day intensive format (typically held on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday), located conveniently at the FTS offices, gives you ample room in your busy schedule.


This event is also co-ed. So, you can attend with a spouse, significant other, or come alone, whether you are male or female.


Attendance on Quest for Men or Quest for Women NOT required.