Fellowship of the Sword

Get Involved

There’s a story in the Bible about a group of men who knew the power of Jesus. They had another friend that they wanted to get in to see Jesus so that he could know the same power. But there were too many people that day, so they cut a hole in the roof of the building and lowered their friend down on a rope, straight to Jesus.

They got involved. It was powerful.

Once you have experienced the power of Jesus for yourself on a Quest or HeartQuest, you want everyone you know to experience the same thing. When you volunteer with Fellowship of the Sword you are making a way for people to come straight to Jesus. There are many ways for you to help them – you can help with the office work that has to happen before an event can depart, you can serve on an actual event, or you could get involved with development projects so that FTS can continue to do what we do.

Check out the opportunities you have to get involved.