Fellowship of the Sword

Who We Are

We are not a church. We are part of The Church - a collage of men and women who have encountered the heart of God and are committed to see you experience the same.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” We believe that! When He said “at hand”, He meant close enough to reach out and take. So why isn’t that all there is? Why isn’t everybody ready to take the Kingdom of God in hand and live a full-throttle life - wide open, face to the wind, no worries, no regrets, no shame, no fear?

Although we are invited to the party, we are too wounded, confused, and in bondage to respond without first experiencing Father’s love and power. Once we have, there are no more excuses.

We are excited to help you uncover, unlock and unleash your heart to discover His love and power in you!!

Go with God,

Richard Henderson
Fellowship of the Sword